Aqeela Shawl

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AQEELA Shawl – The Life Journey.

Code – AQ/16/LONDON

Type : Shawl
Category : Signature Shawl
Measurement : 65cm x 200cm
Material : Premium Italian Bubble Crepe
: High Quality Cotton Voile
Opacity Level : Level 5 (Totally Opaque)
Colour : Printed – Black & White
: Plain – Lemon Lime


AQEELA SHAWL – When I saw these Black & White striped fabric standing on display, it’s reminds me of LONDON. The zebra crossing lines across UK especially in Oxford St where the heart of LONDON should be.


I remembered myself running around crossing the road just to go down to London Tube nearby. The station that I always go for is Marble Arch station which is right in front of the famous shopping centre of PRIMARK London. How I missed staying there again while enjoying Iraqis & Turkish food 🙂


These Black & White stripes shawl that is mix with Lemon Lime fabric create a strong characters of POWER, INFLUENTIAL yet ZESTY FRESH look. Someone who’s daringly having experimental character are suitable to wear this shawl at any where you want to be 🙂 . Something you should consider seriously as a MUST HAVE shawl in your collections.


Let’s share with us how you style your Aqeela – tag us at @moonscarves & hashtag us at #MSBeautifulMuslim .




Aqeela Shawl is an Exclusive Limited Edition collections. Made using mix material between premium grade bubble crepe & high quality cotton voile at one of edges making this beautiful shawl an interesting multi play to either wear it as a Shawl or as a Square Scarf.


Each Aqeela Shawl comes in a  cute little box either black or pink in color. Not to forget, you will also get a custom Thank You card with a personalized message from Daddy himself when you purchase it. With all these grooming package, we just want you to know… Aqeela Shawl is definitely a special shawl made by us to you 🙂 .


Using a Signature Cut on the shawl is adding layer of beautiful drapery & flowy effect which making these a MUST HAVE shawl in your collections.


Care Instructions:-

  • Hands wash only.
  • Use mild detergent or fabric softener only.
  • Do not soak or bleach the scarves.
  • Do not dry it under direct sunlight.
  • Use medium heat when ironing or for best result use steamer.


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