Posted On February 10, 2016 at 4:39 am by / Comments Off on RESTRICTIONS AND REGULATIONS OF SITE SECURITY USE

Moon Scarves takes the security of website & other social media that link to us** very seriously. Moon Scarves reserves the right to refuse site access, service or products to anyone, and to investigate any violations of its host, system, network or website security, to actively involve and co-operate with law enforcement authorities in investigating such violations and to prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law.

In addition to the TOS and privacy restrictions set forth herein above and below, you will not:

(i) attempt to interfere or interfere with the working of this web site, host, network, or any service or activities on this web site by using any robot, “bot”, system, “phish”, DDoS attack, spider, crawler, scraper, engine, device, software, bug, tool, routine or any other automated device or manual process of any like or kind without our written permission, consent, participate, start or engage in any activity which interferes with the working of or access to this site or to any network or host;

(ii) attempt to, or access information or data not intended for you or log onto a network, server, host, or account that you are not authorized to access;

(iii) access, or attempt to access any system, host, network, or servers on which the site is hosted or modify or alter the site in any way;

(iv) upload or otherwise transmit or transfer files that contain viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malicious code, spyware, scripts, adware, sniffers, key loggers, corrupted files, or similar software, systems, bugs, scripts, or programs;

(v) Prevent, restrict, restrain, hamper or hinder any other user from using the site and/or any products, services, systems, software, platform, program or content posted on or offered throughout the site;

(vi) Post, upload, transmit or transfer User Content (as hereinafter defined) that disrupts the proper working or normal flow of dialogue with an excessive amount of User Content (flooding or DDoS attack) to the site or that otherwise negatively affects our website performance or other users ability to use any Moon Scarves website; or

(vii) link to, frame, copy, overlap, duplicate or otherwise reproduce this website without the prior written consent from Moon Scarves.

(viii) Attempt to or use forged or fraudulent billing information, including billing debit or credit card numbers, names, CVV protection codes, expiration dates, zip codes, Paypal accounts, Paypal email addresses or any other related information to the credit card.

(ix) Attempt to, or “Phish”, or use fraudulent or forged contact information to be a Moon Scarves impostor.